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Our Process

The Integrity of Every Foundation

Depends on its Cornerstones

Here’s How It All Works

Our process flows from a biblical worldview, believing that God owns it all and we are called to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

As an independent financial management firm, we work as your trusted advisors to bring wisdom and experience to the investment management and financial planning process. While most financial plans will include basic analysis and recommendations for retirement, asset allocation, and wealth transition, we believe our value goes far beyond what traditional financial planning provides.

Our mission is to help you align your financial decisions and investments with the cornerstones of your faith.

We operate in a fiduciary capacity and believe the development of a comprehensive strategic plan is a critical component in helping you accomplish your financial goals. Our process centers around the understanding that the highest level of objectivity is achieved through a fee-based investment management relationship with you. In this way, we align our interests with yours to provide optimal levels of planning expertise and portfolio management.

We understand investing, markets, and financial planning can be challenging.

We work with you by facilitating in the goal setting and financial planning process, implementing investment strategies that align with your Christian values, and formulating strategies to maximize the best use of your resources. Our goal is to bring clarity to the decision-making process, guide you in implementing wise financial decisions, and bring balance into your life enabling you to devote your time to the things you cherish most.

We Promise to Make Every Decision Based on Serving Your Best Interest.

It Begins with the Initial Consultation

Step 1


First, we get to know each other to see if our services are a good fit for you. We will discuss your financial picture as well as your goals, values, beliefs and vision—and how we can help you get there.

Step 2


Next, we’ll gather your data, analyze your financial situation, and design a comprehensive financial strategy for you. Together, we’ll talk through your personal plan and the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Step 3


We put your strategies to work, helping you live out your values and achieve your goals.

Step 4


We’ll meet with you periodically to review your personal plan and make any adjustments based on market or life changes.

Constructing a Faith-Based Portfolio

Constructing a portfolio that minimizes risk while maximizing potential gains is a delicate and ever-changing balance. We build portfolios made up of different asset classes in various regions, sectors, industries, companies, credit risks, and maturities.

We utilize both dynamic and tactical portfolio management. With dynamic portfolio management, we rely on analytical research, forecasts, and professional experience to make decisions on which securities to buy, sell, and hold. With tactical asset management, we believe that inefficiencies in the market create opportunities to identify mispriced securities and thereby achieve stronger long-term returns than simply following an index. This approach allows us to take advantage of sectors in the market that may be underpriced and reduce exposure to the areas in the market that may be significantly overpriced.

And we go one step further. We add an extra layer of due diligence to the research process by screening investments for moral issues based on Christian values.

Implementing faith-based investing begins just like any other investment management process - looking for great investments!

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