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About You

You’re Looking for a Financial Expert Who Relates to Your Higher Priorities

Learning how to become good stewards of their resources

Sounds Like You?

At Financial Cornerstones, we work with faith-oriented people who want to protect their financial futures and be good stewards of their resources.

Are you prepared for the next chapter of your life? To make the right choices, you need to ask the right questions. We guide you by helping you answer these key questions:

  • How much annual income will I need?
  • Where will my retirement income come from?
  • Is my income distribution strategy tax efficient?
  • What are my plans for my retirement healthcare needs?
  • Will my loved ones be cared for when I’m gone?

And because your life keeps changing, we keep on asking. Discover where you are today and discover new opportunities to pursue the future you desire.

Our Clients Include…

Couple Enjoying their Retirement

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Everyone offers retirement planning these days. What’s so special about our approach? Our comprehensive approach to financial planning for high net-worth individuals is designed to guide you in aligning your financial decisions and investments with the cornerstones of your faith. Whether you’re ready to start planning for your retirement or it’s time to transition into the next phase of your life, we are here to help.

Women in Transition

Statistics show that around 90% of women are or will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. We advise high net-worth women like you who are seeking guidance to ensure you are financially secure for your future. We have experience in helping women who are experiencing one of life’s many transitions - a sudden inheritance, a liquidity event, divorce, or the death of a loved one.

Women in Transition Need Help with Financial Planning

Business Professionals Need Help From Financial Advisors

Business Professionals

Many business professionals are looking for financial advisors that have specialized understanding required to handle the unique challenges that face industry. At Financial Cornerstones, we can offer just that. Our fiduciary financial management advice guides you take full advantage of your income, stock options, and employee benefits. Let us take the complexities out of planning for and protecting your financial future.

Business Owners

As former business owners, we’ve been there, and we get it! It’s easy to get wrapped up in running a business and serving others before yourself. We have the unique business experience to assist you in planning for the challenges such as the concentration of net worth, business valuations, liquidity events, tax-efficient investing as well as retirement and estate planning strategies. Take advantage of our strategic planning and tailored solutions throughout the lifecycle of your business, including life after ownership.

Business Owner Searching For Financial Advice

bible and coffee

Families & Individuals

At Financial Cornerstones, we understand the types of complexities that wealth can bring. This is why we take a full balance sheet approach and offer individualized support to help high net-worth individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Providing personalized advice and guidance, we work alongside you to consolidate assets, choose the most appropriate vehicles for investing, identify tax-efficient strategies for retirement and help plan for your estate.

Devoted Clergy

Thank you for shepherding the flock! And we’re here to serve you. We work with devoted clergy and ministry professionals, developing unique investment and retirement strategies through our custom-tailored financial guidance. Therefore, thus says the Lord God: “See, I am laying a stone in Zion, a stone that has been tested, a precious cornerstone as a sure foundation; whoever puts faith in it will not waver.” Isaiah 28:16 Let us build your Financial Cornerstones.

Clergy Searching for Bible based retirement strategies

Technical and Faith-Driven Financial Guidance on Behalf of Our Clients

Our goal is to help our clients practically prepare for their next life stage while honoring God’s plea for stewardship—and achieving a higher good through their investing.

Christ Centered Financial Advice for Families

Become Confident in Your Financial Life

Partner with a professional who brings extensive credentials, industry knowledge and scripture-based guidance to your own money management.

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